How is Deals Viking different from other deals sites?

This is a one-person operation. I'm a regular guy just like you that happens to be obsessed with deals and knows a bit of programming. This website is entirely automated.

My personal blog.

Basically, I've created a bot that does all that tedious work of finding deals and discounts on Amazon for you.

Real-time price and availability monitoring

Every 5 minutes, the bot cross-checks our product index with the Amazon API to make sure we are up to date on everything.

No more outdated deals!

Unfortunately, I'm just one guy with a laptop. If this website grows and my Amazon API quota is expanded I'm planning to update the items every 5-10 seconds. The tech is already here!

Long-term price tracking

The bot monitors how the prices of millions of items changes over time using the Amazon API. This way, calculating how the current price compares to the highest/lowest/average all-time price is possible.

All deals are removed after 24 hours

Every time you visit our website you can be sure there are going to be dozens of new interesting deals.

Getting deals hours earlier than most other deals sites

Because I'm using modern technology, you will have a chance to buy the deals before they appear on other deals sites.

This isn't just another site that copies the deals from camelcamelcamel, Slickdeals, or Ben's Bargains.

I discovered a method for finding good deals and price mistakes directly on Amazon without monitoring EVERY item all the time 🥳

Why Vikings?

Cause who's cooler than the Vikings? 🪓

Just like you, I'm passionate about saving money

I've built this project out of necessity and passion.

I was tired of spending hours on deals websites and being disappointed whenever I finally decided to buy something only to find it wasn't available anymore.

I literally couldn't find a deals site that actually worked well.

Initially, I built this project just for my friends and family. We used it for a few months with good results.

It was only later that I decided to create a public frontend for it.

There are several ways to follow Deals Viking

  1. Through this website
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Bonus tip

If you can wait, monitor the "backorder" items. They are often some of the best deals out there.

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